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Beat Your Burn Rate

(How You Build Wealth, Part 1 of 2)

“If I lost it all tomorrow and had to start all over, I would be a millionaire again within two years.”

I used to proclaim that statement above with gre...

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Learn with Your Time – Earn with Your Mind

In the last post we explored the role of dreams and dreamers in manifesting prosperity.  I told you that all true prosperity is created twice: first in the mind of a dreamer, and secondly on the phy...

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Expanding Your Prosperity Consciousness

We talk a lot here about expanding your consciousness.  And a great deal about prosperity.  So let’s tie them together and explore expanding your prosperity consciousness… (more…)...

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Do Not Pass Go or Collect $200

The last post we talked about the dangers that socialism and communism pose to human spirit and the chance to manifest prosperity.  Some of the people who commented worried if free enterprise could r...

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Government Provided Prosperity

So can the government really provide prosperity for their citizens?  Certainly.  But not by artificially propping up markets and providing bailouts to private companies.

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