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Prosperity is Created in Your Mind First

All prosperity is created twice: First in the mind of a dreamer or visionary, and only secondarily on the physical plane.  We all have the blessing of experiencing random blessings, but the real...

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Make Your Dream as Big as You Are

No one who achieved a breakthrough accomplishment did so by holding tiny, incremental dreams, the kind many people label “sensible.”  If you desire to do something remarkable, you need bold,...

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My Advice for Dreamers

Why do dreamers get such a bad rap?  Gandhi, Tesla, and Mary Kay Ash were dreamers.  Oprah, Elon Musk, and Camila Cabello are dreamers.  Without dreamers, there would be no art, no inn...

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What Kind of Vision Do You Possess? 

Last post I told you that there are some beliefs, habits, and even people, that no longer belong in your life.  Once you realize and recognize that, you can finally give yourself permission to move t...

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How Religion Clouds Your Future

This is the third in a series, about how we need to seek challenges, and how those challenges bring meaning and fulfillment to our lives.  In the first post we looked at the Unabomber and how he was ...

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Achieving Your Goals

Last post we discussed the role your vision has in creating the kind of life you live.  I told you that the next part of the process requires you to unpack your vision into goals that are believable,...

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Searching for Meaning...

Someone inserted a piece of glass in a metal tube, turned it towards the stars, and saw a panorama that no one on earth had ever seen before.  This was a demonstration of vision in both senses of the...

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Your Next Assignment

Lots of talk in the personal development and growth space today about purpose.  Finding your passion.  And living a life of leaning. (more…)...

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