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Unleash Vacuum Energy to Attract Prosperity

Walking along the beach, you might leave footprints in the sand.  But give the wind and the waves a few minutes, and those tracks will be filled in.  Your footprints in the snow will experi...

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Life Transformation – Releasing the Old You

What does the path to prosperity and enlightenment look like?  It begins by being open to change.  Then it involves releasing the past – the old you.  And that decision happens, or doesn’t, bas...

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Creating a Vacuum for Prosperity

Have you ever felt like you were trying too hard to hold on to something?  If you’re like me, you are a very persistent and determined person.  When you want to do something, you just keep trying ...

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Overwhelming the Overwhelm

So what do you do when you are simply overwhelmed with all of the things you need to do?  I’ll tell you what I do:

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Creating the Vacuum

So Hanaa commented on the last post on a fresh start, mentioning how helpful she found the CCCSS model:  What to Continue, what to Change, what to Complete, what to Start and what to STOP doing.  Am...

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