How to Use Money

There’s a nickname in the Tibetan language for money: “Kunga Dhondup.” Roughly translated it means, “that which makes us happy and fulfills our wishes.”  This is one of the extremely rare cases where you’ll see a healthy attitude toward money.  It’s one I hope you will adopt. 

It’s frightening how often money and material things are demonized in our society today.  If you go by social media, you’d believe the highest demonstration of spirituality, virtue, and kindness is engaging in billionaire bashing.  This is not only foolish, but dangerous to us all.

Before we go deeper, let’s acknowledge a few parameters…

It’s true that the love of money can lead you astray, material purchases usually only provide temporary enjoyment, and money doesn’t buy happiness.  So what?

We can also say that computers won’t water your plants (yet), play with you like a dog, and they’re too expensive to use as a doorstop or paperweight. So what?

Computers can allow you to access almost the entire library of human knowledge, help us design safe airplanes, and prevent highspeed rail collisions.

So whether we’re discussing money, computers, or a screwdriver, the relevant line of thinking is along the lines of how we can use these tools to enhance and improve our lives and the lives of others.

Btw, I’m using the word “use” in the title and that last sentence mindfully.  Because I believe the most empowering way to view money (and material things) is not as an end in itself, but a tool you use to manifest the end you desire. 

What do we really need to live a healthy, happy, and prosperous life?

Shelter from the elements, clean water, healthy food, a safe environment, and mental harmony.

And for literally every item on that list, money can be used to obtain it for yourself and provide it for others.  Money and material things don’t provide happiness, but they can provide personal expression, security, and choices that will make you happier.  You can use money to build a more prosperous life. 

Use money to build:


- RG

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