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Control Your Thoughts

In this recent post I made the case that you have a strong influence on the things that happen in your life, and the few you don’t contribute to is shockingly miniscule.  Most people get defens...

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The Thoughts You Give Precedence To...

What I’m about to write may seem very political and very United States-centric.  But the lesson it contains is universal, and has nothing to do with either.  See if you can discern the prosperity ...

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Building Mental Strength

Most people are aware that they can build muscle and sculpt their physique through the method of physical exercise.  Not so many seem to understand that their mental state can be improved by exercisi...

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Life by the Power of Thought

Ralph Waldo Emerson told us that life consists of what a man is thinking all day.  A pretty simple yet pretty profound definition, wouldn’t you agree?  (more…)...

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Rewiring Your Brain with a Fresh Perspective

In my Sydney apartment I slept on the right side of the bed.  In San Diego I sleep on the left side. In Miami I sleep on the right side.  In California, my parking spaces are underground two levels....

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The Power of Action over Thought

Last post we discussed how prosperous and enlightened people override negative thoughts and take positive action anyway.  And that’s worth exploring a little deeper.  Because here are some of the ...

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Taking Inventory of the People in Your Life

Aristotle suggested that the goal of life is to maximize your happiness by living virtuously, fulfilling your own potential as a human – and engaging with friends, family and others in mutually bene...

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Your Big Breakthrough

In the last post, I told you that when you reach the 51 percent in positive thinking, you have broken through and are on the way to health, wealth, and success.  Here’s why: (more…)...

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