Control Your Thoughts

In this recent post I made the case that you have a strong influence on the things that happen in your life, and the few you don’t contribute to is shockingly miniscule.  Most people get defensive at that statement and immediately jump to some exception to argue against it.  (Like a random meteorite landing on your garage.)  This is a bad premise and an extremely harmful life strategy, because there are almost always outlier exceptions to everything.  More importantly, by making this argument you’re refusing to accept responsibility for your life.  The logical conclusion to this line of thinking takes you to outlandish assumptions like, “I can’t control that an earthquake killed innocent people, so it’s not my fault that I am emotionally abusive to my spouse.”  (more…)

Escaping Ignorance, Poverty and Illness…

When you’re ignorant of something, you really don’t know it.  So how do you discover that which you are ignorant of? (more…)

The Thought Breakthrough

Let’s take one more post to explore the power of thought. and then taking action on your thoughts. When you become mindful of your thoughts – the thinker of the thought – your whole world changes. (more…)

The Prosperity Power of Thought

Imagine this scenario: Someone wakes up, grabs their phone to check what snarky tweet President Trump sent out that morning.  Then they click the link to read the BREAKING NEWS story that CNN is airing to overreact about the tweet.  Then they click to a blog somewhere where the Trump supporters are overreacting to the overreaction.  Then they scroll their Facebook feed to read the insults between the two sides on this latest rift… (more…)