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Please Be More Selfish

(Friday Filosophy 6/30/23)

Happy Freakin’ Friday!

Greetings from the 305 where I've returned, but still sending you much Aloha.   This is my weekly postcard to you with a question, topic, or...

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Prosperity Requires Selfishness

As a writer, one of the quixotic quests in my life is bringing back neglected and forgotten words (like quixotic), and providing rehabilitation for other words that may have been unfairly misrepresen...

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Give Up “Martyr Mode”

The martyr position has already been filled.  I did an episode on my Prosperity TV channel about this, but the subject bears repeating.  There can actually be goodness in selfishness. (more…...

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Why Doing Good is Selfish

What a wild and groovy discussion going on the last post and the original post that started it all.  I promised that we’d pick up on the topic of how doing good was selfish… (more…)...

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How You Save the World

In yesterday’s post I was called everything but a child of God for suggesting people adopt a behavior of selfishness and recommending Ayn Rand’s book on the subject.  Some wanted to twist my word...

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Food for Thought on Selfishness

Predictably, the last post rankled some, shocked others and gave some serious food for thought.  And I’ll admit to using some language designed to create exactly those reactions.  Because it’s a...

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Making Happiness Your Purpose

Great discussion going on last week’s posts about the importance of a congruent philosophy to live by.  Now let’s take it the next step: your purpose. (more…)...

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The Value for Value Equation of Prosperity

I often shock people when I recommend an Ayn Rand book titled, “The Virtue of Selfishness.”  They have so often received coaching that the way to success is to serve everyone else first.  I thin...

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