Stop Providing Weapons to Your Enemy

Last post, we talked a lot about the tug-of-war between your conscious mind versus your subconscious programming, for outcomes you want to do, have, and become.  Unfortunately, you can sometimes unknowingly give the negative programming in your subconscious mind an extra advantage.  One it certainly doesn’t need. (more…)

How You Got Toxic and Dysfunctional Beliefs

Put yourself in this picture:  You’re staring down an army tank division advancing on you.  There are almost 200 tanks, light tanks, and armored cars.  The accompanying soldiers also carry rifles, service revolvers, and bayonets, as well as some bazookas and other anti-tank weapons.  You’re standing in front of them poised for battle, alone, holding a steak knife.

Believe it or not, that is an accurate analogy for the forces you have faced – and almost defeated – up to this point in your life.  (And the reason you are almost certainly subconsciously doing behavior that is self-sabotaging your happiness and success.) (more…)

The Command Center - Who Is Running Your Life?

Last post we looked at how asking the right question can move your focus from the external to the internal.  Here’s why this is so critical.  We all have a “command center” (subconscious mind) that governs our behavior.  Think of it like the bridge and ship’s computer on the Starship Enterprise.  Either you control the command center, or it controls you.  (more…)

Putting Your Subconscious Mind to Work

Last post I shared two simple steps to take every day to make sure your life is prosperous.  Leo and Tom asked, “How does one ‘subconsciously’ send a note in the evening?” (more…)

The Power of Programming

If you’ve read my books, or followed my “Rants” for a while, then you know I’m a big believer in the power of programming your subconscious mind.  Personally I think this was one of the most helpful things I did to turn my life around.

I did this through affirmations, prosperity mind maps, subliminal CD’s, meditation and other things.  Now there is a great new resource out to make programming your own subconscious mind even more powerful.