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Prosperity Leaves Clues

Prosperity leaves clues, and as a result, prosperous people are easy to spot.  You can tell them by the way they dress, the environment they create around themselves, the people they hang with, ...

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In the last post we discussed how successful people manage their time.  But there are also a lot of other things they manage well.  Because what we are really talking about is self-restraint.  (mor...

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Sexual Energy

Let’s talk about one of my favorite subjects:  sex.  Or more importantly, sexual energy… (more…)...

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Channeling Your Sexual Energy

In yesterday’s post we discussed conserving your sexual energy.  Many years ago when I began my study of Kung Fu I discovered something quite surprising.   In order to learn to break large bricks...

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Conserving Your Sexual Energy

Last post I said that repressing sexual thoughts leads to them manifesting as other addictions or unhealthy behavior.  Yet you can’t let them control your behavior.  Because this is where your rat...

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The Power of Sexual Energy

Last post I asked your opinion on sexual thoughts, and the results they produce.   You guys came back with some really fascinating takes on the subject.  Let’s explore the topic deeper. (more&hel...

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Lust, Fantasy & Sexual Thoughts

The last few posts we’ve been looking at the cause and effect of your thoughts.  Which leads us to a very fascinating question:  Where do sexual thoughts lead us?   (more…)...

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