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Celebrating Sex and Sexuality

This is a series of posts studying the six most important categories of core beliefs in terms of the self-esteem you develop and how happy and successful you ultimately become.  So far, we have looke...

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Crazy, Dysfunctional Beliefs about Sex

Were sex and nudity taboo subjects in your home growing up?  Were you taught “conventional” beliefs like boys play with trucks and become doctors and girls play with dolls and become nurses?  Wa...

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My Career As a Sex Worker

Not surprisingly, I got some critical feedback on the last post about the judgments surrounding sex.  People wanted to argue the anti-prosperity elements of pedophilia, sexual abuse and sexual traffi...

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The Doctrines and Dogma of Sex…

Last post we discussed when someone told me that a picture I used looked like “hookers in a limo.”  I hadn’t intended that reaction, but the fact that the photo produced it works out perfect, b...

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Prosperity and Sexuality

You know all about yin and yang, male and female, positive and negative.  But what if gender isn’t quite that simple?  (more…)...

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