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5 Lies That Beat You Down…

Last post I posited that the level of your self-esteem as you reached young adulthood is the single biggest determinant in how wealthy (happy, healthy, and successful) you become.  Here’s the most...

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Building Up Your Self-Worth (Self-Esteem) 

Last post we explored the suppressors, the things that cause you to doubt or diminish your self-worth.  And I told you that self-worth can never come from things outside of yourself.  Self-worth com...

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Building Your Self-Confidence

We’re usually good at recognizing cause and effect that is near and immediate.  But we’re very short-sighted at recognizing the chain reactions and aftereffects of our actions when they manifest ...

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Using “The Force” for Prosperity

Remember that scene in the original Star Wars movie when Obi Wan says, “These are not the droid you’re looking for,” and the storm trooper says, “These are not the droids we’re looking for....

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Becoming the Best Version of Yourself 

NOTE: This is Tuesday’s post, but I’m putting it up early, as I’ll be on planes for the next 15 hours and not sure if there will be Wi-Fi.

Last post we discussed challenging ourselves to do g...

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Lessons from Bruce Lee

Be like water. (more…)...

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