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Exciting Book News

Not one of my usual blog posts; just wanted to share some great news.  My next book Direct Selling Success was originally scheduled to be released on July 23rd.  But presales have been so strong, th...

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How Influential are You - And the Role of Influence in Your Life

It probably won’t surprise you to learn that a huge part of manifesting prosperity in your life has to do with how much influence you have.  Your influence impacts the way you handle conflicts, exp...

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How to Increase Your Sales

One of the mastermind groups I belong to was having a discussion about a certain business model a member had. It really wasn’t congruent with his business plan any longer and it was actually hurting...

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Tell Me What Hurts

No matter what kind of business you’re in – sales and marketing (and to a lesser extent, your branding) are the engines that drive it.  Every entrepreneur has to at least be cognizant of what goo...

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Branding, Marketing and Selling

Every business in the world relies on branding, sales, marketing to different degrees.  And not many that need all three as much as the car business.  Yet after a couple days desperately trying to b...

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You Are the Marketer

There’s a familiar pattern I see with entrepreneurs.  They want to be busy on running the business, but they don’t spend enough focus on growing it.  (more…)...

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