Chasing Down Money Ideas

(Friday Filosophy 11/04/22)

Happy Freakin’ Friday!

Welcome back to your weekly postcard where I challenge you to reflect on something important for manifesting a healthy, happy, and prosperous life.  Today, as is intermittently the case, that topic is money.

Last week’s edition was one of the most popular ever, as we discussed the importance of financial literacy and getting the money thing out of the way.  There was a huge spike in traffic to the three blog posts I suggested you read. So, let’s double click a little deeper on the topic.

The most profound “breakthrough” you’ll ever make in becoming wealthy is recognizing and understanding how monumentally intrinsic the mental aspect of the equation is. To paraphrase the late, great Reverend Eric Butterworth…

Poverty is not the absence of money and material things – it’s a state of consciousness.  Prosperity is not an abundance of money and material things – it’s a state of consciousness.

True prosperity is very holistic – it can only be understood when you view it through the perspective of the individual elements that make up the whole.  If you never heard the premier episode of my Power Prosperity Podcast, it’s worth a listen (or re-listen), as I define prosperity.  Choose your platform here and search for episode one.  And if you want to practice the principles of prosperity, introduce the podcast to five people you respect. Now if you pin me down and demand one specific principle that will make or break your ability to manifest more money, this is what you must learn, grasshopper…

There is no such thing as a money shortage. That’s a false belief that doesn’t serve you.  What you’re perceiving as a scarcity of money is simply a scarcity of ideas.  

The only thing between you and the money you seek is one solid idea.  Please read that last sentence again. Never mind, I’ll repeat it: The only thing between you and the money you seek is one solid next idea. Stop chasing money and start chasing ideas.

Since so many of you were up for the homework last week, allow me to dish out a little more for you.  Here are two additional blog posts that can help you make the jump to true prosperity consciousness. (And please practice the circulation law of prosperity and share them with your world.)

How to Use Money

My Best Wealth-Building and Prosperity Advice…

If you're a teacher's pet type and want extra credit, here is one of the services from my Prosperity Un-Church. What Keeps You Broke 

If you desire to move from the macro to the micro, you’ll eat up the next podcast.  The topic is: Using Credit to Create Wealth – Or Go Broke.  Josh was slacking off this week so I don't have the links by press time.  But check your podcast provider later in the day.

Seize the day and please be kind to yourself today. I hope your weekend is delicious.



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