Die Hard is a Christmas Movie...

As you know by now, I’m off on sabbatical, but I wanted to drop in to wish you all a blessed and joyful holiday season, and a very Merry Christmas if you celebrate that sort of thing.  My Plan A was a surprise trip home to see my mom. I ended up with Plan B, recovering from a nasty bout with Covid.  But it’s all good, yo.  Christmas, and life, are what you make them.  We still live in the most exciting time in human history, the sun comes around again tomorrow, and beauty can be found anywhere.

You are life, and life is limitless. We only really live when we’re experiencing the entire spectrum of life: the joys and sorrows, laughter and sadness, the pain and pleasure.  If like me, you’re away from loved ones or missing those who have departed us, may their memory be a blessing and the season land gently on you.  Know that this post entitles you to one complimentary virtual hug.  And please accept these holiday treats from me to you…

A man, his guitar, and a Jackson amp, communing with God…

Little-known song that should have gone platinum…

Coolest thing I saw this week...

Concorde trip to visit Santa...

Yippee Ki Yay and Peace,

- RG

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A Thanksgiving Postcard from Dagobah...

As most of you know, I’m currently on sabbatical on the swamp world of Dagobah, one of the purest places in the galaxy. Here amid Dagobah’s abundant life, I’ve sequestered myself from the world of social media, narcissism, and virtual signaling – to commune and speak with the spirits of Qui-Gon Jinn and Yoda – pondering the connections between the living and the Force. Back in the homeland of my birth, this is the day of the Thanksgiving holiday.

Thanksgiving is a day set aside every year since the Pilgrims came to America, to celebrate and give thanks for the blessings in life. So, I’m sending you this postcard to thank you for being part of my journey along the way. Even though I’ve stepped back from the blogs, newsletters, and podcasts, please know you are in my thoughts daily. I feel tremendous gratitude for the interactions we’ve shared together on our journey of challenge, adventure, and growth.

Holidays can be a sad time for many. If you are one of them, please accept this postcard as a digital hug from me, with hope that the day lands gently for you.

Let us be grateful for those we have lost, knowing their memories are a blessing.
Let us be grateful for struggle, knowing there is great beauty in it.
Let us be grateful for the wars in the world, knowing they can teach us the path toward peace.
Let us be grateful for our challenges, knowing they are our steppingstones to greatness.
Let us be grateful for death, knowing that it teaches us how to live.

Please celebrate this holiday (whether it’s Thanksgiving where you live, or simply another amazing weekday) as the day it and every day were meant to be. Another opportunity to rejoice in gratitude.


- RG

How to Be Happy

(Friday Filosophy 8/18/23)

Happy Freakin’ Friday!

Here's your weekly postcard from me with a question, topic, or challenge to contemplate, coming to you today from Salt Lake City. This week let’s explore something simple and easy like, what is the meaning of life?

Okay that may take a little more space than we have here, but we can chunk it down to what causes happiness.  Here's my posit. There are four things that cause you to be happy.

So how are you doing in these areas?


- RG

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Stop Waiting for the Lesson

(Monday Mojo 8/14/23)

Thank God it’s Monday!  Let’s get after it…

So much of the world is devoted to preparation mode, making themselves ready for prosperity.  Many are getting ready to get ready.   Don’t postpone prosperity until you've learned all the lessons.  Prosperity is the lesson.

New on the podcast…

7 Things to Do Every Day for Prosperity

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- RG

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Defend Your Prosperity Consciousness

(Monday Mojo 8/07/23)

Thank God it’s Monday!  Let’s get after it…

Welcome to another week and another chance to move toward your dreams.  And the best way to do that is to surround yourself with other dreamers.  The trouble is that there's so much clickbait rage, fear, and negativity coming from the data-sphere you can get sucked into it.  Be mindful.

Defend your consciousness from the dream stealers the same way you'd defend your home against intruders.  Set your intention, put aside daily self-development time and other positive people will be attracted to you.

New on the podcast: 3 Thoughts for Success

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- RG

Give Yourself Some Grace

The Upside of Down Times

Hello from Orlando,

As I mentioned in the newsletter, I'm here conducting my TRIBAL event and I just discovered a new book from Lisa Ryan.  The whole name is: The Upside of Down Times: Discovering the Power of Gratitude. Lisa is here at the event, and we were discussing her book. I thought it's just the kind of book you could appreciate. So if you want to know how gratitude could improve your prosperity, check it out here!



The Path You Choose…

(Monday Mojo 7/17/23)

Thank God it’s Monday!  Let’s get after it…

As you begin a new week, you always have a fork in the path to choose.  You can re-live past failures, beat yourself up for them, and use them as excuses to fail yet again.

Or you can view them as gifts from your younger self (even if it’s only two weeks younger).  Gifts because they taught you what not to do, and spurred you to learn new skills, modify your behavior, or attempt a different path that ultimately blesses your life.  Choose mindfully.

New Pod: The 5 Main Reasons People Stay Broke

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- RG

P.S. If you're hanging out on Threads, you can find me at @Randy_Gage

Please Be More Selfish

(Friday Filosophy 6/30/23)

Happy Freakin’ Friday!

Greetings from the 305 where I've returned, but still sending you much Aloha.   This is my weekly postcard to you with a question, topic, or challenge to contemplate.  This week let’s talk about selfishness.

I believe selfishness is your moral prerogative.  Not just your prerogative, but your sacred responsibility.  But if you’re like most people, the word itself makes you feel guilty.  Ayn Rand wrote a collection of essays in a book titled, The Virtue of Selfishness.  When asked why she chose to use a word that threatened so many people, she replied, “For the reason that makes you afraid of it.”  It’s been more than 50 years since then, but people still react the same way.

Like Rand, I sometimes use the word selfish to describe virtuous qualities of character.  The dictionary definition of selfishness is basically concern with one's own interests, without regard for others. It means, I value myself first, regardless of what anyone else thinks. Notice that there is no good or evil implicit in the definition.  That, 'without regard for others' does not mean that you are doing harm to others.  It simply means that you are well adjusted and sensible enough to meet your own needs first.  Now of course that’s not what most of society would have you believe...

They tell you that your moral imperative is to put the interests of the many before the interests of the one.  That you should sacrifice yourself for the greater good.  This idea is very dangerous to your self-esteem and your life.  Relinquishing your happiness for the sake of others, known or unknown, verifies to yourself, and others, that you are small and unworthy of even your own attention.  It’s actually anti-humanity, and it makes you mentally ill.

Your own survival and pursuit of happiness must form the foundation of your value system.

To make your life, by your own means, towards your own standards, and for your own enjoyment.  Anything less than that is harmful to you.  That’s because anything harmful to the individual is actually detrimental to society as a whole.  If you want to help the poor, downtrodden, and exploited, start by not being one of them. If you aren’t getting your own needs met, you probably won't be very helpful to anyone else.

That doesn’t mean you won't sometimes put the needs of others above your own.  Hopefully if you're a new parent, you have an aging grandparent, or simply have a friend going through a rough patch, you're willing to sacrifice for them.  Hopefully you also want to leave the world at least slightly better than it was when you entered it.  But I would argue that you do those things for selfish reasons – namely the joy it brings you.  And that's okay.


- RG

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