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Your 2022 Power Prosperity Podcast Favorites

As we wrap up 2022, I’d like to thank all of you that support the Power Prosperity Podcast.  It was our biggest year yet for downloads.  For you guys that like year-end ‘best of’ lists, these ...

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Living an IMAX Life…

Your life is like a movie you watch.  Last post we discussed the perspective you have on your life, and how that view helps set your destiny. Many people watch their life movie on the screen of an i...

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Question the Premise

Today we continue the epic saga of good vs. evil, heroic deeds vs. unspeakable atrocities, and phantasmagoria vs. critical thinking, as we journey down the rabbit hole of discussion on whether religio...

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Fighting Negativity

In the last post, I serenaded you with bubbly effervescent music of why this is the most exciting time to be alive in human history.  And I do truly believe that.  However, I could have just as easi...

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Money-Grubbing, Rich A$$holes

Ever since I wrote, Why You’re DUMB, SICK & BROKE and How to get SMART, HEALTHY & RICH, I’ve proven again and again that I can predict a hit show or movie with complete accuracy.  Think a...

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Double Up for Personal Development

The human body – your human body – needs exercise every day.  It needs cardiovascular stimulation to remain healthy.  (Or get healthy.) (more…)...

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The Prosperity Power of Thought

Imagine this scenario: Someone wakes up, grabs their phone to check what snarky tweet President Trump sent out that morning.  Then they click the link to read the BREAKING NEWS story that CNN is airi...

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Poverty Doesn’t Buy Happiness

You hear tropes like “money doesn’t buy happiness” all the time.  True.  Money and material things don’t buy happiness. (more…)...

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