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Your Mind Is an Instrument for Poverty or Prosperity

A gun could be used to kill someone you love, or protect that same someone.  A knife can be used for an attack, or to slice your sandwich.  Your mind has a similar possibility: It can be the instru...

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Learn with Your Time – Earn with Your Mind

In the last post we explored the role of dreams and dreamers in manifesting prosperity.  I told you that all true prosperity is created twice: first in the mind of a dreamer, and secondly on the phy...

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What Will You Let the Universe Give You?

As I look around my city, my country and my world, I see a lot of people who are experiencing lack and limitation in their lives.  I know that some of them look at me with jealousy, and wonder why I ...

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Escaping Ignorance, Poverty and Illness…

When you’re ignorant of something, you really don’t know it.  So how do you discover that which you are ignorant of? (more…)...

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Life by the Power of Thought

Ralph Waldo Emerson told us that life consists of what a man is thinking all day.  A pretty simple yet pretty profound definition, wouldn’t you agree?  (more…)...

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