What Is Your Relationship with Money?

In this post, I shared how at its ultimate level, money is an energy vibration – and energy can be attracted or repelled.  Everyone, including you, has a relationship with money.  (And the other elements of prosperity as well.  But in this essay, I want to concentrate on the money element.)  As a result of that, here’s an exercise for you.  If we were to assign a famous movie title to best describe your relationship with money, which one below would be the most appropriate?

I don’t think an answer key is required for this exercise.  Depending on the title you picked, you probably know whether your relationship with money is a suspense thriller, horror flick, or everyone lived happily ever after.  (And if you’re brave, please share your title in the comments below.) 

There really are physics at work here, and your relationship with money determines how much of it you attract and keep.  If that relationship isn’t a healthy loving one, you need to work on that. 

There is nothing inherently good or evil about money, only the connotations you ascribe to it.  Money does not have a natural propensity for doing beneficial works or wicked ones.  These results are determined by your consciousness as you spend it.  It doesn’t matter which movie title describes your money relationship up until now.  Only the title that best describes your relationship moving forward.  Choose it mindfully.

Along those lines, be sure to join me for this week’s prosperity livestream.  The topic is Bad Beliefs About Money.  You can find the details here.


- RG

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