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The Power of the Pause

(Monday Mojo 6/12/23)

Thank God it’s Monday! Let’s get after it…

Frequently, in this space, we’re looking at your goals, dreams, and other aspirations. (And for good reason.) But it’s ...

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Prayer, Meditation, and Manifestation

Thoughts are things.  Maybe not in the same sense as paper clips, cell phones and jumbo shrimp are things – but in the way that nuclear fusion, kinetic energy, and centrifugal force are things. 

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Calm Your Mind

When you seem to be stuck in concern, anxiety or doubt, that is the time to calm your mind and center. Either prayer or meditation will work wonders. (more…)...

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The Way of Wisdom

Nowadays, knowledge is pretty overrated.  There isn’t much knowledge-wise you can’t find out in seconds with the right Internet search.  But wisdom is inestimable.   And there may be no better...

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Peace and Harmony

Some great comments on yesterday's post on thinking.  Did you give yourself some time to think? (more…)...

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The Space Between Thoughts

Ancient Vedic sages spoke of the space between thoughts.  Last week I told you that you must become the thinker of your thoughts, not your thoughts themselves.  Otherwise you simply become the pawn ...

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