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Creating a Critical Thinking Mastermind

In this post, we discussed the importance of having someone in your life that you can count on to give you good guidance and tell you the truth.  Then in the next post, I shared some thoughts on...

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Your First Mastermind

Napoleon Hill is probably best known for advocating the power of the Mastermind.  I’m a member of an informal Mastermind group with some bright friends, and another formal Mastermind group with som...

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Praying for Others

We spoke in yesterday’s post about praying for others, and why we might do other affirmations.  I believe that when I pray for or speak affirmations for others, some kind of energy or Mastermind co...

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Tapping the Power of the Mastermind

Last post I asked you about how you prayed and what you expected when you do.  We also looked at affirmations.  There are some fascinating comments. Stop back and read them if you haven’t already....

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The Energy You Send Out

Okay let’s finally get to the issue we started discussing last week:  how you meet and attract positive people who bring value to your life.  The first lesson here is a basic law of prosperity… ...

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The Power of the Mastermind

I promised you a very important announcement today about a chance to Mastermind with me personally, along with a select group of high-level achievers.   This is it.  But first, bear with me while I...

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Getting the Support You Need

What a wonderful response on the last two posts about making your public declaration about what you want to achieve.   I’m a big believer in this because it’s worked so well for me.   (more&hel...

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