When Revenge Walks Out, Prosperity Walks In

One of the biggest blocks that prevents you from manifesting  prosperity is holding on to resentment, revenge, and hurt. Prosperity cannot exist in a heart that is holding these things. Hanging on to emotions like these hurts only the person holding them.

It’s understandable that you’re angry with all of the forces and people who have worked to hold you back or even harm you.  It’s understandable that you might want revenge.  But the very best revenge you can ever achieve is moving forward to live a prosperous life.  And that means forgiving everyone who has wronged you. 

If you cannot forgive, you cannot accept abundance.

We’re entering the realm of creating a vacuum here.  If you are holding on to revenge, love can’t walk in.  If you are hanging on to resentment, you are hanging on to being a victim.  And if you are holding on to being a victim, there’s no space in your mind to be a victor.  You must release the negative feelings, as they only eat you up inside, and prevent you from your good.  Of course that leads us to the million-dollar question…

Who do you have the hardest time forgiving?

If you answered yourself, you responded as 99 percent or more of my seminar attendees do.  Here’s the reason: You know every bad thing you have ever done and every petty thought you’ve ever had.  You know the stuff about you that no one else knows.  You remember the time you stole two dollars from your mom’s purse, you lied about who broke the vase, and you secretly had a crush on your best friend’s lover. 

It’s so damn easy to beat yourself up for the choices you made. (I know because I did it for decades.) You have to recognize that this self-flagellation and self-loathing is the result of years of the negative programming.  The forces that have been deployed against you – from government, organized religion, the education system and Datasphere – are mind-boggling.  It’s certainly no surprise that you’re down on yourself and afraid you’re not deserving of forgiveness.  As Dan Millman points out in his excellent book, Everyday Enlightenment, you learned at a very early age the two prime directives of being a human:

1) If you’re good, you’re rewarded.
2) If you’re bad, you’re punished.

These directives were drilled into your subconscious mind by your parents, teachers, babysitters, and coaches – and have been reinforced ever since by the Datasphere.  They are indelibly burned on your hard drive.  Making things worse, your perspective and perception are completely and totally fucked up.  You honestly believe you’re one of the few people in the world who has done bad things or had mean thoughts.  This is because you are comparing the real, internal version of you with the external, Instagram filtered version of everyone else.

The irony is that those of us with the highest moral standards and values often have the lowest sense of self-worth and the hardest time forgiving ourselves.  Because we fail to meet our standards on a daily basis.  In fact, I would posit that…

The better a person you are – the more caring, sensitive, and self-aware you are – the harsher you judge yourself and make it more difficult to forgive yourself. 

You’ve done terrible things.  We all have.  Give yourself a break.  Forgive yourself.  You were simply doing the best you could with what you had to work with.  And all of your journey – even the bad stuff, especially the bad stuff – can ultimately make you a better person.

Mistakes made you wiser…

Obstacles built your character… 

Resistance forged you stronger…

You’re currently enrolled in the training program we call life.  You’re human, and humans make mistakes.  Humans sometimes do things that are stupid, inconsiderate, and not nice.  And we sometimes even do horrible things that result in horrific consequences for others. 

You know why people like Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Mother Teresa demonstrated such lives of prosperity, even though they had the same human frailties as the rest of us?  They accepted their humanity and realized that it included both good and bad.

They forgave themselves.

You have to do the same.  We’ve all done things we can never go back and undo.  But you can forgive yourself and do something to pay it forward.


- RG

P.S.  Forgiving Others and Yourself was the topic on the last Prosperity Livestream.  You can watch it here

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