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Who You Become…

Scott Adams (yes that Scott Adams) frequently talks about a concept he calls talent stacking.  The gist of the concept is that it’s really hard to become the very best in the world at almost everyt...

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This Moment in Human History

Happy Monday ya’all.  Happy Freakin’ Monday!

You do realize you’re living in the most exciting time in human history, right?  There has never been a moment so enticing – offering so much ...

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The Process from Mediocrity to Mastery

I’ve written 11 bestsellers and I’m in the Speaker Hall of Fame, Direct Selling Hall of Fame, and my softball league Hall of Fame.  Some people might even say I’m a high-level achiever.  (more...

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Would They Burn Your Jersey?

So you have customers, even fans. You have a tribe of devotees who appreciate your work and follow you. But how much passion are you really creating?

The recent mania over where basketball supers...

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Learning from Failure

It’s interesting to see people’s reactions to those who reach the highest levels of success.   A lot of people think they got lucky.  Many figure they got some special treatment or secret deal ...

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Love to Hate

Okay serious question.  Worth some serious thought before you answer… (more…)...

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