Bend the Universe to Your Will

If you ever wondered about that tattoo on John Wick’s back, it says “Fortis Fortuna Adiuvat.”  It’s a Latin proverb usually translated as fortune favors the bold (or brave, strong, etc.).  Like many proverbs, this one came about not by chance, but because it speaks to a cosmic truth. 

When you attempt anything bold, daring, and imaginative, you send forth a certain energy and a specific message to the universe around you.  That energy and message announce that mediocrity is not an option for you.  You’re willing to go big, take a real chance, and know that failure is possible.  And that you recognize that not taking a chance is giving in to failure already.  You also recognize that by facing down your fears, you develop courage and character that will ultimately produce bigger, better, and more consequential success in the future.

I don’t know how it all works, other than knowing that at its ultimate level, everything in the universe can be broken down to energy vibrations.  Maybe it’s just electrons, maybe you’re communing with your spirit animal, your guardian angel is watching over you, or Obi-wan senses the Force within you. But I do know that the people who are willing to dream big and act on those dreams somehow attract the people and circumstances to support them. 

You bend the universe to your will.

You won’t achieve everything you attempt; you’re not supposed to.  But the accomplishments you do attain will be so meaningful, the failures will fade from memory. 

If you truly understand your unique gifts, innate genius, and divine potential, you will never play small again. 


- RG

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