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What Have We Learned from the Pandemic?

One of the wisest things economist Milton Friedman ever taught was that only a crisis — actual or perceived — produces real change.  It is times of crisis that cause our preconceived beliefs and ...

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How Your Fears are Weaponized Against You

Okay, by now you should have read the post about how the Datasphere makes you love to hate rich people, and the one about how it can cause you to stay broke.  The Datasphere has accelerated the proce...

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How Government Enslaves You…

Our goal in this continuing series is to end self-sabotage and improve the prosperity you manifest for yourself.  As part of that process you must identify the subconscious negative beliefs you posse...

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Free Cheese

I’m down in Key West, finishing my book, so the posts may be sporadic this week.  But Annie raised an issue on the last post that is worth addressing, and is actually part of the new book.  And it...

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