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Determination - How Hungry Are You?

While most of you are reading this. I’ll be winging my way home from an event in Perú.  While the event was held in Cusco, the participants actually came from about 15, mostly Latin American count...

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Be Crazy…

I’m an artist: I write books.  I launch entrepreneurial enterprises.  That means I’m crazy.

I plan things. Strategize. Set goals. Create deadlines.  Then, the universe happens.  And my best...

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The Entrepreneur as Artist

Back in the nineties I was conducting a business congress in Central Europe with Nicolas Hayek, the rumbustious founder of The Swatch Group. At the time, Nicolas was probably in his mid-seventies, had...

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Announcing: Mad Genius!

Why is conventional thinking (and culture) so backward and innovation killing?  Why is the default setting almost always, “that’s impossible,” or “it just can’t be done”?   Why are mill...

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