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Starting Your Reboot

Last post I told you that the nexus of the issue for reinventing yourself is the vision you create for your life.  This vision is the intention for what “the new you” is going to look, feel, and ...

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How You Are Trained to be a Worker Drone

We’re continuing our series on how you get programmed with negative mind viruses, and then self-sabotage your success, heath, and happiness.  Last post I told you that the only way you end self-sab...

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The Education System is Broken

August 13, 2024

“Sandy, I just got your progress update, and you’re failing your nine-month online certification!”

“It’s no big deal, Mom.  I’m sure I’ll improve before the final ...

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The Process of Mental Transformation

If you look for the most essential step it takes to go from broke to wealthy, depressed to happy, or ill to healthy – it is a procession of transforming the way you think.   (more…)...

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Asking the Right Questions

Sorry to break the news to you, but there really is such a thing as a stupid question.  Not because it’s naïve, unsophisticated, or ignorant.  But because the answer it will supply you isn’t th...

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The Problem with Just Fixing Gaps

It seems like everyone is creating plans to improve their performance in different areas.  The idea behind this is that you set up remedial routines that will “fix” gaps in your skills, leadershi...

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Funny. And Fascinating.

Yesterday I recorded a special interview with Dr. Joe Vitale on some of the topics and lessons in the Risky Is the New Safe book.  Now if you know Joe, he’s a brilliant guy, and really can ask some...

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