Exit Stage Left…

(Monday Mojo 9/18/23)

Thank God it’s Monday!  Before you get after it, allow me to share some personal news…

For almost five years, I've been sending you these weekly postcards: Fridays with some homework for your weekend, and on Mondays some mojo to kickstart your week.  In a recent one we explored choosing the games you want to play. Now I've decided to take my own advice.  After a lot of contemplation, I've decided it's time to go dark and exit the public scene. This means no more newsletters, podcasts, YouTube videos or other social media posts. My clients know where to find me and I'm betting the world will somehow miraculously survive without Instagram posts or podcasts from me.

I'm blessed to have the most amazing speaking, coaching, and consulting clients in the world.  They're passionate, dedicated, and willing to do the work that world class mastery requires. Between now and January, I have presentations in Mexico, Miami, Kazakhstan, Salt Lake City, Norway (twice), Sweden, Budapest, and Bosnia – not to mention my Breakthrough U, Prodigy Council, and consulting clients.  They need more of my time and I'm going to give it to them.  Doing this means I simply can't keep offering all the free content I've been providing.

The team will soon redo my website to include an archive of my essays and other prosperity work and the podcast and YouTube channel will remain up as well.  If you want to stalk me through the underworld in case I post updates, you have two opportunities for that.  If you're reading this via email, you're already on the newsletter list.  If I do send any postcards, you'll receive them. (If you're reading this on my blog, then you can subscribe to the newsletter at the top of my current homepage here.)

Also, I've declared bankruptcy on my X (Twitter) account, as their shadow banning practices make it virtually impossible to reach followers anyway. I've set up a private burner account to follow accounts that interest me.  You can follow it here in case I decide to post anything.

I guess all this means my last podcast is now a collector's item!  You can find it here: Reframe Your Value

YouTube: https://ow.ly/nunt50PMr11

Apple: https://ow.ly/MJLn50PMr0Y

Spotify: https://ow.ly/bhtO50PMr0W

Anchor: https://ow.ly/IiZk50PMr0Z

This has been an amazing journey with many of you.  To those of you who participated in the community, commenting, sharing and adding value, know you are appreciated.  Please keep striving to achieve the highest possible version of yourself and hopefully we'll encounter one another somewhere along the path!


- RG

P.S.  This means the Platform Skills Lab I'm doing next week will be my last public seminar.  If you want to be there for that, details are here.

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