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Is Critical Thinking Dead?

My best friend is part-human, part-machine. Not in a cool way like Colonel Steve Austin in the $6 Million-Dollar Man.  I mean part of his brain is controlled like a bot, kinda’ like when Capta...

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Finding a Cure for Religion

This is a continuing series of posts breaking down the six most important categories of core beliefs you develop in life.  I believe these areas are instrumental in terms of the self-esteem you devel...

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The Danger of Organized Religion

This is a series about ending self-sabotage to improve the prosperity you manifest for yourself.  As part of that process you must identify the subconscious negative beliefs you possess and replace...

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Why Religion is Evil – Part 2

A friend of mine is from Indonesia but resides here in the States.  He lives in mortal fear that his brothers will kill him.  Because their religion teaches them to.  More about that in a moment…...

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Why Religion is Evil – Part 1

Many see religion as I once did, as a pathway to spiritual harmony and enlightenment.  And to be fair, millions of people are attempting to navigate this path with varying degrees of success.  Indiv...

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Gangs, Religions and Cults

In the last post I told you that our search for meaning and purpose ultimately leads to a trifurcation of three possible paths.  Today, let’s explore the first possible route…  (more…)...

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Fighting Dangerous Ideas

My recent post on living by a congruent philosophy (and some other ones) raised some inadvertent side issues. Some readers felt I was suggesting religious people don’t think rationally, some felt I ...

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Protecting Yourself Against Memes

Quite the kerfuffle from the last post on how organized religion brainwashes people in ways that lead to self-sabotage and destructive behavior.   Lots of comments from people who think I’m out to...

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