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Building Wealth 101

(Friday Filosophy 12/16/22)

Happy Freakin’ Friday!

Welcome back to another edition of Friday Filosophy, the weekly newsletter that Bob Burg once said is, “the most insightful, mind-bending, ...

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RIP Bitcoin

Dearly beloved…

We are gathered here today to mourn the passing of our cherished friend, Bitcoin.  A friend who came to this world full of promise and hope, seeking to protect us from inflation,...

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As I predicted back in June 2021, the crypto bloodbath has begun.  As you know, I am NOT an investment advisor.  My work is dedicated to the principles of prosperity and how you apply them in your d...

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The Meaning of “Life”

Friday Filosophy 7/14/22

Happy Freakin’ Friday!

If you’re new here, every week I send you a postcard about something I’m contemplating and believe you may want to think about as well.  Th...

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WARNING: Opportunity Alert

Debatable: What the long-term effects of lockdowns and quarantines will be. The role of government in relief programs.  What percentage of the trillions of dollars spent in assistance programs was wa...

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Bitcoin, Shitcoin, Memes, and Monopoly Money

[Editor’s Note: For the sake of transparency, before you read or re-read this post – you should know that on November 19, 2022, I sold all cryptocurrencies in my portfolio, and am no longer conf...

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On Wealth and Becoming Wealthy…

This is the next post in our series exploring money, wealth, status, and prosperity – and the many misconceptions about them.  Last post we looked at money.  Today let’s investigate what wealth ...

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