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Is It Really Your Choice?

Last post, we looked at the moments in life when you face choices.  And I encouraged you to make the bold choice.  But the other essential variable is to make sure it is your choice. (more…)...

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Simple is Elegant

Simple things are simple.  But that doesn't mean they don’t work or don’t hold a high value.  (more…)...

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Your Perspective

When I used to have an early morning flight, I cursed the hour.  Nowadays, I’m more likely to marvel at the painted sky at sunrise.  (more…)...

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Choosing Prosperity

Most people think life forces them to make choices.  I have a little different view… (more…)...

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How You Use Time

Last post we talked about the choices we make.  And almost nothing will impact your quality of life more than the choices you make about how you spend your time.   (more…)...

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