How to Conquer Self-Sabotage

(Friday Filosophy 8/19/22)

Happy Freakin’ Friday!

Greetings from one of my fav spots in the universe, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, where I’m doing some workshops.  Each week I challenge you to think about a certain topic.  This week that topic is self-sabotage.  (Not that I would know anything about that!)

It’s astounding really how many challenges, setbacks, and failures are self-induced.  Not many people realize this of course, and most won’t believe it, even when confronted by evidence.  It’s just so much easier to play the victim card.

There is no shortage of causes for self-sabotage: A teacher or coach who demeaned you. An abusive parent or lover.  Or being raised in a religion or cult riddled with “you’re not worthy” dogma.  But there’s only one cure…

Raising your self-esteem.  To that end, let me dust off an old post I made on my blog and update for the current environment.  You can use it to create your personal 30- or 60-day game plan to raise your self-esteem.  The plan includes looking at negative programming that could be lowering your self-esteem, recognizing erroneous beliefs that could lower your opinion of yourself, and exposing yourself to positive programming that helps raise your esteem.

The most important habit you can create is spending daily self-development time each morning, before you go out into the world.  Practice this at least 20 minutes daily, to set your attitude and create intention for the day.   You will then attract people and circumstances in alignment with who you want to become.  During this time, you want to read, watch, and listen to content that inspires and empowers you.

The next important habit is a “cool down” period before bed.  Don’t let the last influence you get be the late news or a slasher movie.  And the last thing you see before sleep should NOT be your smart phone.  (Best prosperity tip I’ll ever give you: charge your phone overnight, turned off, in a different room from where you sleep.)  Keep a spiritual or inspiration book on your nightstand.  Then take at least five or ten minutes to read something positive before sleep.  This will work on your mind all night as you sleep.

As far as the specific content, let me give you some suggestions:

Start every morning with affirmations.  Speak them out loud with intention and emotion.  Do them while you’re still in bed or looking at yourself in the mirror.  You may feel foolish at first; at least I did.  But after getting over that self-consciousness – which, by the way, is totally a sign of low self-esteem – I swear by this habit.  To give you an idea of the kinds of affirmations we’re talking about, let me share some of my favorites:

You are welcome to use mine or develop ones of your own.

Read (Or Reread.) The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand.  This will help you become conscious of what often happens when people choose greatness, and how society reacts against them.

Read (Or Reread.) My Radical Rebirth book.  You’ll learn some of the most limiting beliefs that create low self-esteem and discover exactly where you became infected by them. To break a lifelong pattern, you must realize what limiting beliefs you’re currently programmed with and where you probably developed them.  And after that, you need to start recognizing the limiting beliefs and self-sabotage programming you are still being exposed to on a daily basis.  The book will teach you this and show you some empowering beliefs to replace the negative ones with.

Subscribe to my Prosperity TV YouTube channel.  There are hundreds of shows to help you raise your self-esteem. And if your prosperity is really blocked right now, watch one episode a day for 30 or even 60 days.

Read (Or reread.) The Go-Giver and The Go-Giver Influencer from Bob Burg and John David Mann.  This is so you have an understanding of what healthy giving and service is, not the needy, dysfunctional kind.

Subscribe to my Power Prosperity Podcast.   You’ll get audio versions of my YouTube shows, so you can listen while working out, driving, on planes, or while you’re walking your penguin.  I also create original shows just for the podcast.

Finally, do a “people inventory.”  Make a list of the ten people you spend the most time with.  Include those you work with, live with, or are married to.  At least six of the ten must be people who encourage you to be better, not those that tear you down.  If you don’t have at least six, it’s time to start making upgrades for some newer models.

You up for all this?  You willing to do the work and really commit to raising your self-esteem?  Got any other suggestions?  Hit me up on Twitter or comment on the blog.

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Thought of the day: If you rationalize mediocrity now, you’ll live in mediocrity forever.

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