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Creating a New You, Part 2

Last post we explored resolutions and plans for the New Year.  As I mentioned, I’m not big on resolutions.  But the great thing is there are no rules.  You get to play this game we call life, any...

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A Burning Bowl Ceremony for the New Year

Well here we are coming up on another New Year’s Eve.  And another chance to evaluate where you are, and where you want to be in the year ahead.  So I’d like to take the opportunity to talk abou...

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Giving Yourself a Fresh Start

January 1st is a great time to give yourself a fresh start.  And one of the best ways to do that is to conduct a “burning bowl” ceremony.   (more…)...

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The Consciousness of True Prosperity

Got a lot of interesting feedback on the last “Richaphobic” post.  Curtis mentioned how the media seems to be on a rich-bashing crusade and wondered if I noticed.  Dude I wrote a whole book abou...

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