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The Inner Breakthrough

Allow me to share one of my favorite affirmations, and one I use frequently:
I break through self-limiting beliefs and open myself to possibilities.  (more…)...

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Going for a Breakthrough

So last post I told you that the reason many ultra-successful people reach a plateau, is because they’re afraid of the awesome strength of what they possess.  That sounded crazy to some of you.  B...

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Self-Mastery – Your Real Work…

How serious are you about becoming better at your craft, achieving mastery, and continuous growth?  And if you are truly serious, are you working on the right things?  Because if we’re really goin...

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The Prosperity Power of Curiosity

In yesterday’s post I spoke about celebrating the awesome astonishment of now.  But I must admit, I did experience some negative thoughts about the issue… (more…)...

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Your Real Test

Ok let’s stop playing around with your denial bullshit.  Yesterday I challenged you to confront the greatness you have been denying yourself.  Denying yourself by playing small, thinking “safe,...

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The Deadliest Danger

Over the last few posts we’ve explored our reflexive tendency toward denial about things that make us uncomfortable.  Yesterday I related the examples of how we create false breakthroughs.  This i...

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The Fake Breakthroughs

Last post I told you that everyone has breakthroughs.  Only for most people, they are simply illusionary breakthroughs they placate themselves with.  False breakthroughs which are simply their crazy...

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