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Release Limiting Beliefs

(Monday Mojo 4/17/23)

Thank God it’s Monday!  Let’s get after it…

Welcome to another week, another chance to pursue your dreams.  I hope you’re aware of the gargantuan role that your b...

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Seeking Self-Discovery

You’ve probably often read about the millions of little, automatic things your brain does every day, without you ever thinking about or even being aware of. Very true.  But you know what else is as...

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Faith as a Prosperity Magnet

Potential prosperity surrounds you.  It exists as a metaphysical substance, which is present everywhere in the known universe.  We convert it to physical form through the catalyst of thought energy...

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The Sacred Gift of Believing in Others

I was 15 years old, when I heard the keys jangling and then the lock turning in the door to my jail cell.  A blond man I had never seen before entered.  His name was Baxter Richardson, and he was th...

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Question the Premise

Today we continue the epic saga of good vs. evil, heroic deeds vs. unspeakable atrocities, and phantasmagoria vs. critical thinking, as we journey down the rabbit hole of discussion on whether religio...

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Why Religion is Evil – Part 1

Many see religion as I once did, as a pathway to spiritual harmony and enlightenment.  And to be fair, millions of people are attempting to navigate this path with varying degrees of success.  Indiv...

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Using Belief for Prosperity

How important is belief in terms of actually creating success and prosperity?  A lot more impactful than most people believe.  (more…)...

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Building Self-Belief

In the last post, I shared my selfish motivation for posting here for you daily.  Let me share my second motivation…  (more…)...

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