Confidence vs. Arrogance

(Friday Filosophy 3/31/23)

Happy Freakin’ Friday!

Welcome to another edition of Friday Filosophy, the weekly note where I challenge you with a question, idea, or topic to ponder. This issue I’d like to suggest you think about the difference between confidence and arrogance – and how they affect your success.

It’s okay to have some swag, usually even beneficial.  There can be 25 speakers on the agenda for a program, but I always walk on the stage believing I’m the best one to present for that audience.  This isn’t done with arrogance, but confidence. That conviction is there because I’ve honed my craft doing thousands of presentations and done the research to deliver a customized program to help them with the issues they’re facing at that moment.  You need this kind of confidence in what you do.

Many of you have shared with me that you’re insecure or tentative to articulate your worth, whether in business or personal relationships.  This kind of reticence doesn’t serve you. Be bold and speak your truth. Know your true strengths; the ones that matter, not the silly ones.

I’m a high school dropout with no degrees or credentials and never worked for a consulting firm. It would certainly be easy to play small, timid, and fearful about my value.  Yet I propose and get million-dollar-plus consulting contracts, because I don’t care about the experience of other consultants, or what letters are after their names. I made my way on the streets and supported myself since I was 15 years old.  I’ve written 14 bestsellers, built huge teams and produced literally billions of dollars of sales for clients and myself.  Not to mention that I’ve been shot at point blank range and survived some of the worst crack houses in Liberty City and Overtown.  Should I be intimidated because someone has a Ph.D. degree?

Stop worrying about how old you are, where you were born, or what school you did or didn’t go to. What are the experiences that only you have gone through?  What are the penetrating insights that only you can offer?  What are the ways that you help others? Focus on the rainmaker issues: how you can solve problems, add value and see possibilities.  Not everyone is going to get you or see the value of what you offer.  They don’t have to.  Once you do, you’ll attract the people who want and appreciate what you have to offer.

Most leaders will approach the situation in one of three ways:

You can do the math and know which category you belong in if you want to impact the world and make a positive difference.  Please. Stop playing small.  The world is in a tough place right now and we really need you to be the highest possible version of you.

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You are a god communing with gods.  Live your weekend accordingly.


- RG

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