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You Know the Life You Fantasize About When You Stare Out the Window?

Live That Life!

A Personal Message from Bestselling Author Randy Gage

The moment he licked my face – my world was changed forever...

The “he” in question is a dog named Lancelot Encore, and he is a clone.  Lancy, as he is known, was cloned from his predecessor yellow Labrador namesake at a research facility in South Korea.  I got to meet him in an airline lounge on the way to his new (old) home.  For most of us, cloning is one of those abstract, futuristic concepts you see in Sci-Fi movies or books.  Or at least it is until you’re playing with an adorable cloned puppy and he licks your face.

Suddenly, the abstract concept is very real, and you start to question a lot of things about your own life and existence. 

That moment led to my second mid-life crisis, which led to my third, which led to my fourth, which eventually led to my new book, Radical Rebirth.  You might think I’m desperately hoping this new version of me I’ve created is finally…the one.  Actually, quite the opposite.  I’m hoping to hang around on this planet (or possibly another one) long enough to experience another five or six mid-life crises.

Hopefully, you feel much the same way… 

If so, I wrote this book for you.  My fervent desire is that you will see life as a series of journeys, shedding old identities, morphing into new ones, and developing your prosperity consciousness to a state I call Divine Discontent.  This state of mind is a metaphysical experience, one in which you live in gratitude for where you’re at, yet still have an innate hunger to do, have, and become more. 

Warning: If I did my job with this book, it may cause you to quit your job, divorce your spouse, fall in love with yourself, accept your true sexuality, run away with the circus, rescue a stray, change your career, get a tattoo, renounce your religion, leave a relationship, start a movement, hitchhike across a continent, become a tech billionaire, move to an ashram in India, forgive someone, forgive your parents, forgive yourself, or…all of the above.

Happiness and prosperity are created by seeking out a continuous progression of escalating challenges – then doing the difficult work of trial, growth, and self-development to overcome them. This involves an exploration of the thoughts you have allowed yourself to be influenced by (whether consciously or subconsciously), examining the beliefs they caused you to develop, and then judging the results those beliefs have created. This leads to a perpetual cycle of improvement, a continuous quest to evolve into the highest possible version of yourself. You are overcoming to become.

That’s where the breakthroughs live.

Radical Rebirth is a wake-up call for anyone who realizes one day, that they don’t really like (or even actually hate) the person they’ve become.  If you’re experiencing divine discontent with your life – and you’re ready to create a new and better version of your life – this is the book you never knew you needed. 

Lancy the cloned puppy is only the beginning.  We have been gifted the greatest time to be alive in human history.  We’re on the precipice of trips to Mars, ocean-floor real estate development, genetic engineering, asteroid mining, virtual reality, machine learning, settlements on the moon, and the blockchain.  And we’re pissing away these breathtaking opportunities.  We’re taking the brightest minds of our era and basically begging them to lower us to the depths of depravity...

Our finest writers are being lured away from literature to write clickbait headlines.  Our greatest engineers are being diverted away from innovation to develop better filters for posting food pix on Instagram.  Our best scientists are being hired away from the sciences to develop hate and outrage algorithms for social media platforms.

We’ve lost the fucking plot.

One thing is certain.  If you’re living a small life, it’s not the life you were meant to live.  Ultimately, living small will lead you to a defining moment: You either hate change enough to stay mediocre or you hate being mediocre enough to change.  When you’re brave enough to change, you get to make one of the most monumental choices possible: who you want to become.

Perhaps the most liberating day of your life will be the one that you realize some bridges are meant to be burned.  Look for the circumstances you want.  And if you can't find them, create them.  Real happiness can be attained only by the examination of, and, eventually, mastery of self.  The things you get from success are great.  But the best reward is who you become.

I do hope you’ll pre-order the book and devour it the moment it arrives.  If you’re still on the fence, know this: The world changes you. Or you change the world. You get to decide.


- RG

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